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        1. 金公馆棋牌

          Welcome to Hylen Co.,Ltd.!

          Quality Control

          “Tracking, Solving, Improving, Progressing” is Hylen’s Quality Control Policy.  To assure the quality is the passport to enter into the world market, and it’s the basic foundation of the company development, and it’s also the basic society responsibility of a company.

          Based on the Quality Control Policy, Quality Control System file, Quality Record, and concerned company rules about Quality Control, Hylen Co.,Ltd. achieved a complete Quality Control management System.  We control the quality from Raw Material Quality Control, Producing Quality Control, Finished Product Quality Control Before Leaving Factory, Quality Tracking After Selling, etc. to assure the quality in always in order and in control

          Hylen Co.,Ltd.will improve the Quality Control System step by step so assure and improve the product quality.  We are always searching to satisfy you for Win-Win cooperation.