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          Products - APIs & Chemicals
          • Overview: It is mainly used for synthesizing Tonalid, or it can be used as the intermediate of pharmacy, pesticide, flavor and fragrance.
          • Overview: Manufacture of unsaturated polyester resin, alkyd-resin, insulated paint, plasticizer, maleic acid and tartaric, etc. It can be used as the raw material of medicine, pesticide, paint, glass steel and so on.
          • Overview: It is the intermediate of synthetic camphor; meanwhile, it is a kind of high-value aromatic product. It is usually used as a daily-use chemical, such as fragrant agent for soap, talcum powder, floral water and air-spray.
          • Overview: Fumaric acid used as raw materials for the manufacture of medicine, plasticizer, synthetic resin, L-malic acid, L-asparatic acid, etc. It can also be used in food processing and feed additive industries.
          • Overview: Anti-anemia medicine, and treated to cure irondeficiency anemia. It is also used as feed additives.
          • Overview: This product is organic intermediate, used in flavor and fragrance industry. It is also the important raw material of foaming agent and flame retardant agent. It can be the efficient organic heat carrier, when it is mixed with Biphenyl.
          • Overview: It can be used as the raw material of synthetic rubber and aromatic chemicals. It can also be used as Solvent.
          • Overview: It can be used in photographing, printing and dyeing, chemical reagent, meat antiseptic, handwarmer pocket and so on.
          • Overview: It can be used as organic synthetic raw material, it can also be used to synthesize synthetic camphor, aromatic chemicals, pesticide, Iso-bornyl acetate and Toxaphene. Additionally, it can be used as chemical reagent in analytical chemistry
          • Overview: It is mainly used in edible essence, fragrance and feed flavor.
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