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        1. 金公馆棋牌

          Welcome to Hylen Co.,Ltd.!

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          Food Ingredients
          APIs & Chemicals
          Hylen Co., Ltd. is one of the leaders in the global fields of food ingredients and pharmaceutical raw materials.
          Founded in China in the year of 2000, we now own three shareholding plants.

          About Hylen

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          HYLEN CO.,LTD. is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of Food Ingredients, Dietary Supplements, APIs and Chemicals. Hylen has invested and share-held its own plants to satisfy customers worldwide since the year 2000. Base on good quality and excellent service, Hylen has been becoming the top brand in the international market.
          Quality is Hylen’s product, service is Hylen’s business, and credit is Hylen’s life. Hylen possesses advanced technique and machinery equipment in China, cooperates closely with domestic famous universities and researching institutions in technology for improving quality.【MORE】

          Aollen Biotech Co.,Ltd is a joint-venture commercial company invested by Shandong Aocter Chemical Co., Ltd. & Hylen Co. Ltd., which professionally dedicates to researching,developing and marketing animal nutrition and health products.